Deteriorated wiper blades create an uneven swipe, which prevents proper contact with the windshield surface. This will create streaky or unwiped areas, severely impairing your driving vision, and can create a major safety hazard. Even though we’ve been amid Georgia's dry season, your wipers can dry out and the rubber can weaken. This will lead to your wipers streaking as well.

Our service department can replace your wiper blades with official Hyundai blades, fitted to your exact vehicle specifications. We’ll have you back out on the road quickly with a fresh set to keep you safe for the rainy summer season.

Tire Tread

The state of your tires, its wear, tread depth, and inflation are all major factors in determining whether your vehicle is properly equipped to handle the rainy months safely. Your tires are the only thing between your vehicle and the road, and for that reason they are essential to keeping you in better control during a downpour. When it rains, the roads are saturated with water, oil, and car fluids that make the roads especially slick and dangerous.

Bring your Hyundai into our service department to have your tire’s tread depth and inflation checked. A healthy tread has a depth of more than two-inches deep. If your tread has been worn down beyond this point it will not have as much grip on the road and you should consider replacing them. Our service team is happy to source authentic Hyundai tires for your precise model and trim.


According to the law in Georgia, you must keep your headlights on when it is raining, even in the daylight, to make yourself more noticeable to other drivers and increase your visibility with the road ahead. Test that your headlights can see at least 300-feet in front of your vehicle at night to know if your headlights are still maintaining their peak performance.

If your headlights have seen brighter days, worry not, our service department can replace your headlights with the correct Hyundai headlights and have your vehicle ready to see the distance on those rainy days. We will also test your taillights to ensure you are easily seen from trunk to hood.

In Fayetteville, Atlanta, and Smyrna we’re used to weathering some serious storms, but getting through the rough waters is a whole lot easier when you’re properly equipped with fresh new wipers, proper tread and tire inflation, plus headlights at their peak performance.

Visit Your service department at SouthTowne Hyundai in Newnan, GA to Get the Rainy Season Stamp of Approval!