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The Rainy Season is Coming, Follow Our Checklist to Get your Hyundai Ready

Follow our checklist to prepare for the rainy season

Wiper Blades

Tire Tread


In Fayetteville, Atlanta, and Smyrna we’re used to weathering some serious storms, but getting through the rough waters is a whole lot easier when you’re properly equipped with fresh new wipers, proper tread and tire inflation, plus headlights at their peak performance.
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As Summer Temperatures Heat Up, Ensure Your Car's A/C Can Cool You Down: A/C Repair near Atlanta and Fayetteville, GA

Georgia summers are hot enough as it is, and with temperatures on the rise, the interior of your vehicle can get hotter still. To ensure comfortable summertime travels, a properly functioning air conditioning system is essential. With outside temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s, when the A/C is on maximum, the temperature at the vent outlets should be around 40 degrees even while idling. And to ensure maximum cooling efficiency, the system needs to be on recirculate. As the temperatures creep higher into the mid and upper 90s, if the A/C can't output below 50…

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