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Charlie Simmons
Serving Coweta County Since 1996
20+ Years at Southtowne!!

Greetings from our staff here at Southtowne Hyundai of Newnan, we welcome you to our website and invite you to stop in to our Dealership. Our focus and main goal is to make your experience second to none, and to be "Your Dealer for Life." 

Southtowne started in May of 1991 at our Riverdale Location and in 1992 we expanded to the Newnan area. With over 30,000+ customers and 25+ years in Coweta County, we've learned that taking care of your customers is the key to being a successful business.

To be able to continue to take care of our customers, we also learned that retaining our employees is a huge factor. Southtowne takes great pride in that we are able to provide our customers with some of the greatest staff the world has ever seen. I'm able to say that because I have been fortunate to work at Southtowne for over 20 years, and as you can see, most of our employees have worked here at Southtowne for 5, 10, 15 and 20+ years.

I want you to feel confident that we are here to help assist you in any way possible, and if for some reason your expectation has not been met, please feel free to email me at or give me a call at 770-253-1407 ext 2302, and we will do our best to not only meet your expectations, but also to exceed them.

Thanks again for taking the time to meet our Staff!!

Charlie Simmons

Herb McKenley
New Car Manager
20 Years at Southtowne!!

I've been very fortunate to work for this first-class organization for the better part of 20 years, and our mission statement recognizes that you, the customer, as our life blood. These two realizations converge to form my passion for the work I do here at Southtowne Hyundai.

"Always Build Good Ships"

We shall build good ships; at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always build a good ship.

Bram Philipson
Sales Director

At Southtowne Hyundai of Newnan we are proud to have been family owned and operated since our inception 25 years ago! I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the dealership my entire life. It is my honor to keep alive our core values of personal care and customer service everyday here at Southtowne. I hope to continue to help the citizens of Coweta County with their vehicle needs and to assist in growing this wonderful community. We truly strive to be "Your Dealer for Life!"

Hope to see you soon!!

Bram Philipson

Josh Philipson
20+ Years at Southtowne!!

An Atlanta native that has had the good fortune to grow up in the SouthTowne family, and I do mean family!!!  There are a few folks working here that I have known for literally my entire life!  Robert Smith (Uncle Bobby) our senior sales professional and Janice Mathis (Miss Janice) our controller have been with SouthTowne since the day the doors opened back in 1991.  They both celebrated their 26th anniversary at SouthTowne in May 2017.  Forrest Smith (Service Manager - Newnan), John Cash (Body Shop Manager - Riverdale), and Perry Weldon (General Sales Manager - Riverdale) have all been here for over 25 years.  And it seems like everyone else has been here nearly as long!  It's very rare in the automotive industry to find a dealership with so little employee turn-over.  And to me this is the single greatest compliment that we as a company can receive.  We believe that if we treat our employees' right then, in turn, they will treat our customers' right.  And that's the goal!  Provide an excellent experience for folks that need help purchasing or maintaining their automobiles and become Your Dealer For Life!

Richard Prange
Finance Director
21 Years at Southtowne!

Torey Simmons
Chief Visionary Officer
13 Years at Southtowne!

"I was taught that if we sow good seed then our harvest will be plentiful. I firmly believe that how we operate as a business is much the same way. The relationships that we build with each of our customers is one of the most important things to us here at Southtowne Hyundai. Each person that walks through our door is a blessing to us and we strive to make each customer truly happy!"


Sales Department

Bobby Smith
26 Years at Southtowne!!

I've had the honor of serving on the sales team of Southtowne Hyundai for over 26 Years and always appreciate an opportunity to assist you with your automotive needs. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks and see you soon,

Bobby Smith
404-625-2463 direct number
"The Big Man from Alabama"

Glenn McParland
Sales Consultant

11 Years at Southtowne!

Asit Patel
Product Specialist

Known as the "Doctor"

4 Years at Southtowne!

2014 Sales Person of the Year
2015 Sales Person of the Year
2016 Sales Person of the Year

Dinsemoore Bryan
Sales Consultant

7 Years at Southtowne!

Diane Spurling
Sales Consultant

5 Years at Southtowne.

2016 Sales Grand Champion!

11 Time Sales Person of the Month!

2 Time 30 Car a Month Club!

Tommy Bowling
Sales Consultant

14 Years at Southtowne!!

Harold Smith
Sales Consultant

18 years at Southtowne!!

Lee Falk
Sales Consultant
5 Years at Southtowne!

Randy Slaton
Director of Vehicle Operations
23 Years at Southtowne!

Levi Stuart VI
Vehicle Logistics Operator
5 Years at Southtowne!



Paige Philipson
Chief Communications Officer

Cory Philipson
PR Manager

Terri Cherry